Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

Specialist Services in NYOS

We have several specialist services on offer:


Our Accommodation Team work with young people aged 16 and above.  Wherever possible, they will try to help the young person stay with their family.  If that is not possible, they may be able to help with accommodation and benefits, but this is likely to be temporary or hostel accommodation.


The main thing that our Education staff try to do is get children and young people back into education or training.  They do this by working with local schools and colleges.  They can also make some assessments about learning styles and achievement, and can help with some qualifications, like the CSCS card that is needed for work in construction.

Mental Health & Emotions

There are two Community Psychiatric Nurses working with NYOS.  They can help by making assessments, supporting young people with particular problems and making referrals into CAMHS.

Substance Misuse

NYOS has two specialist substance misuse workers.  They can offer assessment, information/education and a counselling service.  They can also offer an acupuncture service but are not able to prescribe.

Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice Team has staff in a number of different roles.  Some work directly with victims of crime, others work with children and young people, helping them to put things right in the community (Reparation and Unpaid Work).  All of our Volunteers are in this team, too. There is a separate page for Restorative Justice.


AimToChange is an internal specialist service that works with children and young people who have committed sexual offences and, if it is right, the victims of those offences.  AimToChange has a separate page on this website.

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