Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

We have several specialist services on offer within the YOS:



Operating countywide the Accommodation Team at NYOS is comprised of 1 full time and 3 part time workers  ( 2.8 FTE) characterised by an energy and commitment to their tasks. The Team have an outstanding relationship with Housing providers and the 7 (current) local authorities for keeping to their word when supporting young people and/or their families, for the willingness to go over and above for our clients, for staying the course and still being available when the Court Order may be over. The team’s ability to advocate for their clients is well known and respected. Additionally the team are members of local multi- agency homelessness prevention forums, hosted by the Local Authorities.

Overall the Team’s mission is to assist young people and their families to achieve and maintain suitable accommodation and to maximize their income. These are bespoke packages of support and can include

•Individual help to homeless, or threatened with homelessness, young people.

•Individual help to homeless, or threatened with homelessness parents/families

•Assessments to see if families/individuals are receiving all the benefits they are entitles to

•Practical assistance to claim Benefits and income due, including Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance

•Personal Independence Payments/ Disability Living Allowance, Housing Benefits, Discretionary Housing Payments,

•Council Tax Rebates. Assistance with Appeals and Mandatory reconsiderations

•Referrals to Foodbanks, Feed In Need schemes and Furniture and other Charities


For more information regarding the work of the NYOS Accommodation Team, please contact Alvarez Wilkinson.



Our Education team is comprised of 1 full time education manager and 2 support staff covering Northamptonshire.  The main thing that our Education staff try to do is get children and young people back into education or training.  They do this by working with local schools and colleges and training providers. They also undertake assessments about learning styles and achievement, and can help with some qualifications, like the CSCS card that is needed for work in construction. Our education team are currently working hard to develop alongside our partner agencies improved routes for 16-18yr old in obtaining education, training or employment opportunities.

For more information regarding the work of the NYOS Education  Team, please contact Sue Owen.


Mental Health & Emotions

There are two Community Psychiatric Nurses working with NYOS.  They can help by making assessments, supporting young people with particular problems and making referrals into CAMHS.  These staff members also provide additional assessments of children and young people when they are arrested to ensure that their mental health and wellbeing is being considered and managed appropriately.  With recent funding the PaDs team also have a Health and Justice Practitioner to support with emotional and mental health concerns. Health and Justice are a CAMHS service that has been developed to support those young people open to PaDs who are presenting with low level emotional or wellbeing difficulties. They are offered assessments and low level interventions much quicker than they would be via other routes.

For more information regarding the work of the NYOS mental health workers please contact Liz Fowler


Substance Misuse

NYOS has two specialist substance misuse workers.   They can offer assessment, information/education and a counselling service to staff, young people and there families.  They are able to engage children and young people on a one to one basis as well as providing opportunities for group work.  They can also offer an acupuncture service but are not able to prescribe. Acupuncture has been identified as a highly effective tool in supporting the reduction and cessation of smoking and substance misuse in adults and young people.  

For more information regarding the work of the NYOS Substance Misuse team please contact Leanne Tomlinson


Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice Team has staff in a number of different roles.  Some work directly with victims of crime, others work with children and young people, helping them to put things right in the community (Reparation and Unpaid Work).  They are able to develop opportunities for young people to utilise constructive activities within the community building upon the strengths of the child. All of our Volunteers are in this team, too. There is a separate page for Restorative Justice.