Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

Having a young person get into offending can be a worrying time for a parent or carer.  Some parents feel concerned that they have done something to make this happen: others will feel very angry with the young person.  However the parent or carer feels, it is really important that they continue to support the child or young person – without that care the young person will find it much more difficult to stop offending.  Because of that, when we agree plans with children and young people, we ask their parents or carers to sign them too, to show that they want the young person to do well, and that they are going to help them with that.

Sometimes, parents find keeping their relationship with their young person positive is really difficult, or they may feel that they have lost all control, and they may need some extra help with that.  NYOS Case Managers will listen to the concerns and see if they can find a service to help.  This might come from inside NYOS, or from another partner agency.

Sometimes, if a child or young person keeps offending, the Court will decide to make a Parenting Order.  This means that the parent or carer has to get involved in a programme of work to help them with their child.  Usually, this wouldn’t happen unless help had been offered before.  If a parent or carer does not keep to the terms of a Parenting Order, they can be taken back to Court for it.