Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

Working with young people and their parents or carers

We always start with an assessment.  Usually we use a tool called ‘ASSET’ and sometimes we use others as well.  We need to find out as much as we can about a young person’s life to help us work out how to help them stay out of trouble in the future. 

We need to speak to the child or young person and we will also need to talk with their parent or carer.  Often we need to see them both together and separately.  We will also talk to a range of other people who know the young person or their parent/carer, for example school, social services or other relatives. It is really important that everyone involved is able to have their say, because without that, there will be pieces of the jigsaw missing.

Once we have done that, we use the assessment to help us write a report, if that’s needed, and to agree the plan for what happens next.  What this looks like will depend on why the young person has been referred to us.

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