Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

Although all of the employed staff work for Northamptonshire Childrens Trust and report through the Trust structures, NYOS is accountable to the YOS Management Board, which is made up of senior representatives from the partner organisations; and to the Youth Justice Board, which reports through of the Ministry of Justice to the government. 

Data is provided at a national and local level to demonstrate NYOS’ achievements against a range of performance measures ranging from the rate of re-offending to the suitability of the young person’s accommodation arrangements at the end of interventions.

NYOS is subject to inspection arrangements managed through HMI Probation, but is also inspected by the Care Quality Commission; the Criminal Justice Joint Inspectorate; and (as part of the Safeguarding Partnership) by Ofsted.  All of the most recent inspections have produced extremely positive results, and significant focus is given to maintaining performance and further developing the quality of the services to individuals, Courts and communities.

Partnership agreements are brokered and maintained with all of the partner agencies: the Police, Probation, Health and Education in addition to Northamptonshire Childrens Trust.  There are service level agreements in place with the providers of various in house services such as Substance Misuse and Mental Health.  NYOS also enters into partnerships with various communities and third sector providers to deliver services such as Reparation projects; Restorative Practices training and delivery; and Mentoring.

The YOS is represented on the local Safeguarding Board, and has active membership in relation to the design and delivery of multi-agency training.  The YOS is also represented on the MAPPP (Multi Agency Public Protection Panel), in relation to the management of significant risks to individuals or communities.  In the event of a serious incident taking place – such as either the death of or serious harm to a child/young person known to NYOS or a child or young person being charged with causing death or serious harm to someone else, NYOS is required to notify, investigate and report fully upon the circumstances to the NYOS management board in addition to any contribution to Serious Case Reviews or other reports required by either the NSCP or MAPPA.