Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

Within NYOS we consider it important to invest time and energy into achieving Good Practice with Young People and maintaining performance.  We do this by providing accurate data, monitoring, auditing and evaluating the work of the service as a whole. Our goal is to promote a constructive culture of learning, thereby developing a service based on Continuous Improvement. We have developed a set of Five Principles which we will endeavour to follow:

A)           Everyone has ownership ‘Our performance and quality is about improving Young People’s lives’.

B)            Develop a constructive learning culture: 

C)            Promote open and transparent communication:

D)           Right first time

E)            Updating and monitoring information is efficient and effective.


Performance information based on National Indicators:

Our latest quarterly performance figures from April 2020 are good and show an overall picture of progress – please see details below.



Whilst data analysis is still ongoing for 2018/19, this graph evidences proven reoffending rates and whilst it shows a reduction for both England and Wales and the Regional figures. It also evidences that Northamptonshire continues to achieve our goal of reducing offending and with our rate continuously below the national averages.

We constantly review our working practices and monitor the services we offer to our young people. The services we offer are delivered with a holistic end-to-end assessment and planning framework to meet the needs of the child to reduce harm, prevent reoffending and enable children and young people to succeed.





We work with a number of young people who for a variety of reasons struggle with accommodation, this can have a significant impact on the risk of reoffending and safeguarding concerns. Our data evidences that access to suitable accommodation for Young People in Northamptonshire on completion of their involvement with NYOS for 2019/2020 was 98.8%.


We know that many Young People who are known to the YOS experience difficulties in education, training and employment. This places them at risk of engaging in further criminal behaviour.  We have evidenced that in 2018/19, 77.4% of young people had engagement in Education, Training and Employment on completion of their order.

In response to this we have refocused our targeting of need and our in year data is showing an improvement of current engagement at 82%. It is accepted that this will be impacted by COVID 19 over current and forthcoming months.  An area that we will be working on this year with our partner agencies are the opportunities for those young people in the 16-18yr age group that continue to be difficult to provide for.

Use of custody:

Some young people commit very serious offences and present a high risk to others hence a custodial sentence is sometimes the only way we can keep people safe.   There is significant research that suggests that the use of custody is an expensive resource with a poor success rate; there is considerable evidence to suggest that for many children incarceration actually increases the risk of reoffending. Reducing reliance on the secure estate frees up resources to develop effective programmes to work with children in trouble in the community as well as to improve provision for the much smaller number of children who do need to remain in custody. In Northamptonshire we continue to develop innovative practice to meet the challenging needs of complex young people.

We have developed the Northamptonshire Model and in collaboration with the Northamptonshire Magistracy Youth Courts, Problem Solving hearings  to meet the needs of the children we work with. This has improved our delivery of effective interventions and management and supervision of young people. This has enabled NYOS to continue to evidence high levels of confidence and trust which is evidenced not only by our low reoffending rates but also those young people who are sentenced to Custody. Data evidences in 2019/2020   0.07% of young people in Northamptonshire received a custodial sentence. This is a reduction from previous years and we are keen to continue to provide an efficient and safe service to meet the child’s needs but also the safety of the public.

Young people’s views:

NYOS seeks the views of the young people we work with. We have set up a Youth Forum, the forum is made up of young people who are engaging with us at all levels from prevention to those receiving court orders.   They are currently reviewing our practice and due to feedback to the YOS management board later this year.

We have also undertaken a survey with young people open to the YOS, looking at how the YOS is engaging with them and the support that is being offered. Whilst this is ongoing, at this stage 98% of young people responding to the survey indicate that they are happy with the way the YOS is supporting them.

We intend to continue to monitor this and reflect on any learning. If you  require any further informaiton regaridng our performance please contact us.