Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service

If a child or young person is told to go to Court by the Police, or to come back another day by the Court, it is really important to do that on the right day and at the right time.  A parent or carer should go to Court with a child or young person, and they should always get a solicitor to help them.  Staff from the Youth Offending Service are usually in Court, and they will be able to give advice about this, but they won’t be able to recommend any particular solicitor and cannot give legal advice themselves.

Often a child or young person cannot be sentenced in Court the first time they appear.  When that happens, the Magistrates or Judge have to ‘adjourn’ the case to another date.  To make sure that the child or young person comes back to Court they may be given Bail: this may have conditions attached to it, such as a curfew, or a condition not to contact someone (co-defendant or victim, for example). 

If the Court decides not to grant Bail to the child or young person, they will be ‘Remanded’.  This might be in the community, in which case they will be ‘Remanded to Local Authority Accommodation’.  If they do not already have a Social Worker, they will be allocated one and they will have to live where they are told.  This might be at home, with another relative, with a Foster Carer or in a Children’s Home. Like Bail, there may also be conditions placed on the Remand.

If the child or young person does not come back to Court when they are told, if they break the conditions of their Bail or Remand, or if the Magistrates/Judge thinks that the case is too serious, they may be ‘Remanded into Youth Detention Accommodation’.  Where they go will depend on how old they are and how vulnerable or risky they are assessed as being.  They might go to a Young Offender Institute (YOI); a Secure Training Centre (STC) or a Local Authority Secure Children’s Home (LASCH).