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Allocations will usually be made to two people from the group who will work together to make the assessment, write any report that is needed and deliver any intervention programme.

The assessment will involve at least two assessment tools; the ASSET+ that NYOS uses in all it’s work, and then either AIM3 or J-SOAP.

AIM3 is a structured assessment tool that goes into much more detail than Asset+.  There are parts about the child or young person: their development, where they are now and what they did.  There are also parts about their family and their environment.  The assessment looks for areas of strength and also concerns that need to be addressed.  All of this information is used to decide what level of supervision is needed. 

Full reports giving assessments of need and risk, including proposals for intervention, are provided to Courts to help decide sentence.  This is provided as one combined report as part of a Pre-Sentence Report.   Other reports are written for Youth Offender Panels to inform Referral Order contracts and are also provided to colleagues who have referred their existing clients.

Once the assessment is done and the report written,  staff will deliver the programme of intervention.  How that works will depend on the type of outcome and the detail of the assessment so it will be different for each child or young person.

Work on Out-of-Court Disposals is generally quite short term, but NYOS staff  may offer to work for longer than the usual three months. 

If a Referral Order has been made, the assessment may have been done before sentence, or it may form part of the contract.  If that happens, the contract will be changed after the assessment is done, to put the intervention work in. 

When a Court is considering a Youth Rehabilitation Order, a Pre Sentence Report will have been written following assessment.  Usually a Supervision requirement and a Programme requirement will be needed.  Other requirements might also be appropriate, but not always. 

Where the Aim3 and Asset assessments show that the child or young person cannot be worked with safely in the community, we may ask the Court to make a custodial sentence.  Even if  NYOS suggest a community sentence, the Court may still send the child or young person to custody.  When this happens, NYOS will try to make sure that the child or young person is in a place that provides a suitable programme of work and, if the child or young person is going to live in Northamptonshire when they are released, NYOS will deliver a programme as part of the Licence.

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