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AimToChange is part of Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service.  It is the name of the group of NYOS staff who undertake assessments and interventions when children or young people have committed sexual offences or are displaying other sexually abusive behaviour.  At present, this work is only undertaken with children and young people who are clients of NYOS and referrals can only be accepted from internal colleagues.

Referrals can be about children and young people

  • who have admitted their behaviour and have been referred to NYOS for an Out of Court Disposal.
  • who have either admitted or been found guilty of a sexual offence in Court and are due to be sentenced
  • who are showing concerning sexual behaviour and are already on an Order to NYOS for something else.

AimToChange staff may become involved before a Court case is finished to make sure that the child or young person and their parent/carer understand what is happening.  They may also get involved to make sure that Social Services check if any other child or young person might be at risk of harm. 

The members of AimToChange are all either directly employed by or seconded into the YOS.  In addition to their professional background, skills and knowledge within the youth justice system, they have undertaken formal training in the use of the AIM2 assessment model or J-SOAP.  The AIM2 approach to assessment and intervention is evidence based and is approved for use with children and young people by, amongst others, the Youth Justice Board. J-SOAP is used at an earlier stage in the system, more often by nurses.

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